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Tax problems do not fix themselves.  It has been observed:  “the IRS grinds slowly, but exceedingly fine.”  Perhaps you have read that the IRS will hire 30,000 new employees within the next two years.  


Are you increasingly anxious over a sudden tax problem — or one that has festered for a long time?  Or maybe it’s time for a singular tax lawyer to take a look — a fresh look — at the progress being made (or not) with your pending tax dispute.

Pursue clarity and closure with a singularly validated tax lawyer.  Connect with 40 years of intense, top-tier civil and criminal tax-dispute experience (maybe 55,000 hours, estimated) via Tom’s personal cell phone, Tom’s email, or the Contact Now form below.  Tom himself will pick up, or personally respond to tax-related inquiries within 24 hours.  He is pleased to do a call, with no cost or obligation to you for the initial discussion.  If not today, why not and when?  Procrastination is not your friend when dealing with an IRS that moves at its own pace, alternating between periods of seeming dormancy and keen attention.


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    Meetings if requested are held at the Bellevue Technology Center.    


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