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Tax problems do not fix themselves.  It has been observed:  “the IRS grinds slowly, but exceedingly fine.”


Are you increasingly anxious over a sudden tax problem — or one that has festered for a long time?  Or maybe it’s time for a singular tax lawyer to take a look — a fresh look — at the progress being made (or not) with your pending tax dispute.

Pursue clarity and closure.  Connect with 40 years of intense, top-tier civil and criminal tax-dispute experience (maybe 55,000 hours, estimated) via Tom’s personal cell phone, Tom’s email, or the Contact Now form below.  Tom will pick up, or personally respond to tax-related inquiries within 24 hours.  He is pleased to do a call, with no cost or obligation to you for the initial discussion.  If not today, when?


Conveniently and proudly located in world-changing Redmond, 15 miles east of Seattle.  

Any necessary or requested meetings are held at the Bellevue Technology Center.  Zoom capable.  

Law Offices of Thomas D. Sykes PLLC

Address: 16625 Redmond Way Ste. M #151
City/State: Redmond WA
Zip Code: 98052
Phone: (847) 651-7881
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Law Offices of Thomas D. Sykes PLLC

16625 Redmond Way Ste. M #151, Redmond, WA, 98052, US

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(847) 651-7881